Budbuds.us is the ultimate tool to achieve the best crops ever!

  • Schedule tasks to one plant or a batch of plants
  • Identify your plants with individual QR-Code
  • Get the best tips for each of your strains!
  • Create, schedule and control tasks and events


Remember Anything

Record and monitor your plants growing conditions (photoperiod, temperature, humidity, pH, TDS, CO2 level and much more).

Know My Origins

Keep the record of each crop, know the complete genetic history of each plant as well as each one’s life history.

Bud Review

Review your crops, measure your results, share your experiences with your friends and receive feedbacks from the final consumers.

Create and share the best fertilizers blends

Create, share and discover the best fertilizers blends for each type of plant.

Identify plants with QR-Code

We generate a printable QR-Code so you can easily identify, track and maintain control over each individual plant with its unique genetic makeup.

Full control of your daily growing tasks

Keep a complete control over the timeline of your plants, know what should be done each day and have your tasks scheduled for you or a caretaker.

Story behind the app

Budbuds.us was born of the growers' need to maintain control of their cultivation and to improve it according to each cultivated genetics. In the past a grower hardly received any feedback from his/her consumers. This is now changing with BUDBUDS.US.

Our software teaches the earliest grower how to cultivate each individual genetic plant selected by him/her and how to extract 100% of the potential of each plant individually.

BUDBUDS.US is an invaluable tool that will revolutionize the cultivation process and the experience of the grower all the way to the consumer.

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